BandSafe 8 Best Practice for Supporting Young People and Adults at Risk

BandSafe 8 Best Practice for Supporting Young People and Adults at Risk Having young players as members of the band is extremely rewarding.  These guidelines, in addition to the other supporting documents, allow bands to ensure that young people under 18 (henceforth referred to as young players), and adults at risk (henceforth referred to as players with care and support needs) are protected and that measures are in place to clarify positions of responsibility both within the band and with parents/carers. Transporting young people and vulnerable adults to rehearsals and concerts It is common practice for members of bands to share lifts to both rehearsals and concerts.  When this involves a young player or players with care and support needs, the band may wish to consider these best practice guidelines: Explain, either within the membership form or welcome information that transport to rehearsals and concerts is the responsibility of the parent or carer, unless group transport has been arranged by the band. If a young player, or player with care and support needs, is needing help with transport, this should be arranged directly between the parent/carer/player and band member offering the lift and not through a third party or the committee.  It should be made clear to the parent/carer that this is a personal arrangement and the band does not hold any responsibility for this arrangement. Band members should be made aware of best practice when providing lifts to young people and, in some cases, those with care and support needs.  This should include but is not limited to; Where possible, avoid travelling with the young person alone Agreeing pick up and drop off arrangements with parents Asking the young person to sit in the rear of the car, particularly if you are alone Having a contact number for the parent Driving within the law Despite the band not holding responsibility for the arrangement of lifts, there is still a duty of care if there are any concerns raised regarding transporting young people or those with care and support needs to the band.  Any issues raised should be dealt with in line with the band’s safeguarding and whistle blowing policy and, if necessary, appropriate referrals made to statutory authorities Young people and those with care and support needs attending concerts, contests and events outside the band room There will be times throughout the year where the band are away from their rehearsal space, either performing at concerts, contests or even social activities.  During this time, young players’ needs and those of players with care and support issues, should be considered and a position of responsibility agreed between the band and the parent/carer/adult with care and support needs. In the case of a young person under 18, if the young player’s parent (or other agreed responsible adult) is not present at the event, the band has a Duty of Care to act in loco parentis for the duration of the event. In this instance the following should be considered; Young people should be supervised throughout the duration of the event.  The person or persons responsible for supervision should be safely recruited for this role (including a DBS check and other appropriate safeguards) and be made aware of any specific needs (including dietary) or medical conditions of the young people. The band should consider appropriate environments for young players during social times during the event (for example after playing and before receiving the results at a contest). It may be required to gain parental permission for the young player to attend the event, if it is outside the normal activities agreed to on the membership form. Group transport should conform to the legal requirements including, rest times, number capacity of the vehicle and seat belts.  Considerations should also be taken in relation to breakdown and recovery. Pick up and drop off points should be agreed and emergency contact information held. Provision of information to the young player and their parent/carer prior to the event.

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