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Amersham Band - digital heroes!

Just had a great conversation with Caroline from Amersham Band. Caroline originally contacted me after I tweeted, asking if bands wanted Funding Network meetings in their area.

We’ve just had a chat about the band, and agreed that key for many bands are the very-much-related issues of Funding and Media. Media and Funding.

Amersham began tweeting way back in May 2012. They have found Twitter a really good way of linking with other local organisations, finding new followers - which translates into audience members - and sharing information. A recent Rotary Club concert has brought them much positive attention, both on the web, and face-to-face.

They have a rapid and regular system of sharing news via local online newspapers - “picture and story, picture and story, about every two weeks. It’s a drip-drip effect that works” Caroline told me.

The band are lucky, in that they have plenty of “techies” in their band - graphic designers, users of Kickstart crowdfunding website, Tweeters, SKYPE users and the like. I’m looking for volunteers who have these skills, who could give up a couple of hours a week to undertake these kind of tasks for bands who don’t have those skills in their membership. Tweet me! @BrassBandsEng or email - or contact me via a comment here!

Amersham’s “Piece de resistance” for me, was at the Whit Fridays. They gave out stickers of QR codes, those black and white pixellated squares that you scan with your mobile, and which then lead you to a website. Amersham’s QR codes had the band logo in the centre, and directed people to a mobile website introducing to the band. As Caroline said, “All this publicity - it works. It’s amazing how people come back to you, even months later”

@Amersham Band are a digital wonder! If you’d like to promote your own band this way, contact your local Voluntary Action Group, or Funding Advice Bureau, or google Third Sector or Voluntary training - there are often free training opportunities for Third Sector (yes, bands, you) organisations about Social Media.

Or ask someone who knows - or find someone to do it for you!

Let me know your band’s experiences!

More soon,