Hammonds Saltaire Album Launch at EPG London Jazz Festival

“Intricate grooves and the massive sound of a brass band in full cry…” ‘JUST A VIBRATION’ brings together two distinct and diverse musical forms: Indian music and the traditional brass band. Conceived by award-winning musician/composer Shri Sriram , ‘JUST A VIBRATION’ will be performed at Rich Mix in London on November 22nd as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival programme. 31 musicians will share the stage at Rich Mix: the magnificent Hammonds Saltaire Band, under the baton of maestro Morgan Griffiths, Shri Sriram on bass, the fast rising sitarist Jasdeep Singh Degun and powerhouse drummer Marc Layton-Bennett.

“I only started listening to brass bands recently,” says the energetic Shri Sriram, who plays a bass guitar he built himself in 1991. “I thought what an incredible sound they make and what fantastic music we could make together.  I’m fascinated with combining sounds and styles and since sound is ‘just a vibration’, I decided to turn that phrase into the title for this project."

Shri and Just A Vibration’s arranger – jazz musician/composer Ben Castle – were introduced by Grant Windsor (Clare Teal, Gregory Porter):

“The moment Shri mentioned the project to me I was hooked!” says Ben.  “I love a challenge and I’m intrigued by the meeting of cultures and musical styles.  There’s a long history of brass bands in my family but being a saxophonist I don’t often get the chance to work with them. “I decided Just A Vibration should be more than just a brass band playing Indian music or Indian musicians playing brass music,” he continues.  “...We learned a lot from each other by working together and it was great fun.”

‘JUST A VIBRATION’ CD released December 4th SHRI SRIRAM presents ‘JUST A VIBRATION’ Indian music meets the traditional brass band November 22nd – EFG London Jazz Festival, Rich Mix 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA at 2pm www.efglondonjazzfestival.org.uk/events/info/shri-sriram-and-hammonds-saltaire-band With Hammonds Saltaire Brass Band conducted by Morgan Griffiths http://hammondsband.org.uk/event/london-jazz-festival www.shri.co.uk                                Publicity : judy.lipsey@premiercomms.com