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Our banding future - faith magnified!

Yesterday, after work, I went to my new volunteer role at Loxley Silver Band’s newly-relaunched Training Band, of which my husband is the trainer/M.D.

On only week three, the band has grown from three players to eight, plus there are three helpers and of course the M.D. Rehearsals take place for an hour a week at a local church hall, a spacious, cosy, warm, welcoming space. The players are a varied bunch - one young man who is still at primary school, several giddy teenagers, and a selection of adults who are learning - or re-learning - for some 2014 “me-time”.

I had a great time. All the players are so keen and enthusiastic, it was a real joy to be part of. Everyone had fun, learned, and progressed.

As our rehearsal ended, and I packed my cornet away ready to travel across to my band in Barnsley, the Loxley “main band” began to arrive - faces old and new, almost a full band, turning up with smiles and conversation, ready to rehearse.

A dozen miles and half an hour later, Rockingham’s practice began. A really enjoyable rehearsal, again, most chairs filled, fun, laughter - and concentration and focus. Swiftly followed by a pint and a famous Jump Pork Pie at the Edmunds, where three bands meet on a Thursday after rehearsals.

What a fantastic evening. That’s why I play in a brass band.