Personnel Changes

Brass Bands England has announced changes in its organisation following Michael Waterson’s decision to step down as Treasurer after almost four years of service. He will be replaced by former BBE Treasurer and European Brass Band Association Auditor Nigel Morgan. Chairman Mike Kilroy commented: "Michael Waterson has given exemplary and devoted service to BBE over the past few years and has been instrumental in ensuring that the financial foundations laid will make the organisation sustainable and resilient in the future. Working in partnership with him quickly helped BBE to expand its activities, stabilising the organisation and then growing it to become the single point of support for brass bands in England." Mike Kilroy continued: "Michael’s contribution cannot be underestimated and we have achieved so much working together. I saw us as two sides of the same coin; Michael strengthening our financial stability allowed me, as Chairman, to concentrate on growing our networks and influence. With six staff members in place Brass Bands England now has a platform to sustain our outreach for the benefit of the brass band community. I’d like to thank Michael for his magnificent contribution over the past few years and wish him well for the future." Talking about Michael Waterson’s successor, Mike Kilroy added: "With the appointment of Nigel Morgan we have a qualified accountant who knows the organisation well and has been an EBBA Auditor for a number of years. Nigel’s history in brass bands is well known and we look forward to welcoming him back at the next Board meeting."