Access to Funding

Funding is key to the development and progression of brass bands and brass groups. There are many varied ways in which bands can raise funding for their activities, projects and running costs. Brass Bands England assists bands to access these.

We are in the process of creating a set of bespoke training documents and media, within which will be advice about access to local, regional and national grant funding sources, income generation, sponsorship and support in kind.

We will be rolling this out in as new training programme which we will take ‘on tour’ throughout England, as supported by various brass networks.

The old ‘Liaison Officer’ model gave member bands the opportunity to have 1:1 advice and support, such as with bid-writing etc.  This provision will still be available to bands but in taking this new approach it is anticipated that bands will be able to access the support they need via our supporting documents in the first instance.