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Making Music - Affiliate Membership

All Brass Band England members now have membership with Making Music included in their membership. This means you have full access to all of their services and resources. Making Music explain more below about who they are and how they can help.

Who are Making Music?

We are the UK’s largest membership body for leisure-time music groups with over 3,500 members groups across the UK from choral societies and orchestras to ukulele groups, community choirs and, of course, brass bands. We provide practical advice, support and resources for the people giving up their time to run groups, helping them to easily deal with the boring stuff - so they can get on with making music.

What will you get for your membership?

Making Music offer a huge range of resources and services to help you run your group. We have a bank of over 200 resources, a very competitive insurance scheme, various time and money-saving services, including charity registration, as well as numerous negotiated discounts. On top of this we work hard to champion and celebrate our groups and the leisure time music sector, fighting for the causes that matter to you and offering opportunities for you to show the world what you do. 

Key Member Benefits

  • Group Insurance: various competitively priced packages are available (basic public liability cover starts from just £43/year) and we have designed an exclusive Brass package to meet the specific insurance needs of Brass Bands.
  • Resources: from need-to-know practical advice on key issues such as charity regulation, copyright and data protection, to clear, simple guides on topics like marketing, strategic and financial planning and recruitment we offer over 200 online articles and templates to help and inspire.
  • Music Bank: an online database of repertoire that includes over 5,000 programme notes and sheet music listings. Groups can list sheet music they own and loan it to each other via the music bank.
  • Orchestra Tax Relief Service: for more than just orchestras, if you have over 12 instrumentalists and organise your own concerts, you could be receiving a payment from HMRC. We can help submit your claim.
  • PRS Service: if you perform in a venue that isn’t licensed by PRS for Music you can pay performing royalty fees through us.
  • Events: we have over 40 free events across the UK each year, giving music groups of all types and genres the chance to meet and share ideas and experiences.


  • Instrument insurance: our instrument insurance scheme covers all the instruments in your household - when you’re at home, travelling, rehearsing or performing – in one simple policy. Individuals in member groups get a discount too!
  • Discounts: members can obtain discounts on sheet music, music tours, music technology, online ticketing, hearing protection and music lessons through our corporate members and partners.
  • Lobbying and Advocacy: as the biggest membership body for leisure-time music we have a strong collective voice and use it to lobby on behalf of our groups. We are working with Brass Band England on child licensing, and in recent years helped to save music libraries in Yorkshire, Nottingham and Norwich.

And so much more!

How do you access these benefits?

Already a member with Brass Bands England? They have already taken care of your membership for you – so all you need to do is activate it on our website. Activation takes just a few clicks, and you can buy insurance at the same time too.  

Not yet a member of Brass Bands England? As soon as you join you will have membership with Making Music too – and receive further instructions on how to activate your membership.