Player Development

Join Roger Webster and Paul Cosh to improve your playing, and improve your band!

Brass Bands England's brand new Player Development workshops are led by Roger Webster and Paul Cosh. These workshops look to improve the overall quality of bands playing and performance. In these sessions, Paul focuses on essentials of brass playing, looking at practical exercises to improve your individual playing to heighten the band's overall sound. Whereas Roger Webster’s attention is drawn to the mental and psychological aspects of efficient practice and performance methods. Both sessions have a consistent message that improving the quality of individual players can drastically the quality of your band overall.

"The support of BBE in this project has been invaluable and demonstrates the organisation's forward-thinking approach to helping bands improve and sustain a bright future." - Paul Cosh

"BBE has taken the initiative to run a varied programme of workshops for our brass bands. Players, teachers and conductors — please come along and take part! Ask those awkward questions and help move our bands back to their place at the forefront of the banding world!" - Roger Webster

Roger Webster and Paul Cosh have been taking part in a number of our online Development Webinars during the Covid-19 lockdown.  See the BBE facebook page to watch the videos.