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Burbage Band (Buxton)


The band was established by local quarry owner Robert Broome and fellow industrialists in 1861. It is one of the oldest brass bands in the world, and proudly maintains its original aims and objectives. Formed as a village band, with the patronage of the Church and Duke of Devonshire, to teach music without charge, provide a healthy and constructive pastime, develop community spirit and entertain, the band has taught many hundreds to play.
Today Burbage Band continues to promote and represent Burbage and Buxton both locally and further afield and has active members from every generation. The band is one of the most successful, busiest and friendliest bands in the area and is renowned for having trained most of its own players as well as many now playing with more famous bands. Lessons, instruments loan and insurance are provided free of charge to anyone with commitment to learn. This provision is popular with all ages, but especially where pupils also use the instrument at school.
With no regular sponsorship or patronage, the band generates much of its income from performances, and operates as a registered charity number 701257.

Rehearsal Info:

The senior band rehearse on Tuesday and Friday evenings between 20:00-21:30

Nationals Area: Midlands
Section Play In: 1st

Contact details

Address: Brocktor Farm, Old Dam Lane, Peak Forest, SK17 8GA
Peak Forest