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You can become a member of BBE either as an organisation or as an individual


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Brass Bands England’s BandSafe is an industry leading selection of tools, training and resources to help you manage your band or music group in a way that safeguards all your members from harm, as well as protecting the group from possible reputational damage. A safer group will create a healthy atmosphere for all and should have the added benefit of increased membership, developing younger players and forging stronger community links.

The programme is made up of several elements that you can use to help you become BandSafe:

  • BandSafe toolkit: this policy-writing self-assessment tool will help you write and understand your organisations safeguarding policy, developed in partnership with NSPCC.

  • BandSafe training: also developed in partnership with NSPCC, this 3.5-hour workshop is tailored to the challenges you might face in a band or voluntary music-making environment. A must for all designated safeguarding & welfare officers.

  • BBE-held BOPA: this online application process will allow your band or music group to comply with Child Performance Licensing requirements, without getting swamped with unecessary admin. You will need to have completed BandSafe training and the toolkit in order to use the BBE-held BOPA.

    • Making Music Safe: Members of Making Music can also access the BBE-held BOPA thanks to Making Music Safe our partnership service to help all music groups comply with Child Performance Licensing

  • BandSafe resources: these resources are designed to help you with all aspects of policy-writing. They include helpful templates and comprehensive explanations of current legislative requirements.

Further Safeguarding Information

BandSafe events

Book onto a BandSafe training course. Visit our Events page to view all upcoming Brass Bands England events.