National Youth Brass Band Championships

This year the National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain will be held at Warwick School on Saturday 30th March 2019. Entries have now closed for this year and the draw for the order of play has been made and is shown below. 

The Draw


    1    Lions Youth Brass   
    2    Band Hŷn/ Senior Band Gwasanaeth Cerdd Ysgolion Gwynedd a Môn  
    3    Macclesfield Youth Brass Band    
    4    Oldham Music Centre   
    5    Cardiff County and Vale of Glamorgan Youth Brass Band   
    6    Enderby Youth Band   
    7    Rochdale Borough Youth Band    
    8    Tewit Youth Senior Band    
    9    MK Youth Brass    
    10    SSBB - Senior Band   
    11    Youth Brass 2000   
    12    Northamptonshire County Youth Brass Band   


    1    Chalford Youth Band    
    2    Fred Longworth High School  
    3    Wardle Academy School Band  
    4    SSBB - Intermediate Band  
    5    Egglescliffe School Brass Band   
    6    Elland Silver Training Band  
    7    Tewit Youth Intermediate Band  


    1    Cottenham Brass Juniors   
    2    Dobcross Youth Training Band    
    3    Band Iau/ Junior Band Gwasanaeth Cerdd Ysgolion Gwynedd a Môn   
    4    SSBB - Junior Band    
    5    Outwood Academy Brass    
    6    Lions Junior Brass   
    7    Macclesfield Youth Junior Band    


    1    Lions Beginner Band   
    2    Hounslow Junior Brass   
    3    Drum and Brass CIC   
    4    Don't forget your mouthpiece    


Test Pieces for 2019

The set test-piece for the Championship Section will be Corineus, by Christopher Bond. It is published by the composer and available from his website at


Information for bands

An information pack for bands entering can be downloaded here. The full rules can be found in the Youth Champs Aims and Rules Document To  enter the contest please click here to pay for your bands entry fee which secures your place. Entry to the contest closes on Tuesday 1st January.  



Tickets can be purchased at this link.

Adults: £12.50

12 - 16: £7.50

U.12: £4.50 



For any information regarding the championships, please contact the contest controller on