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National Youth Brass Band Championships

Buy your tickets here! The National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain will be held at Corby Business Academy on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March 2022. 

Tickets to attend the event as a spectator are now on sale from the Brass Bands England Events page

Information for bands

For full information on how to submit your entry please download the Pre-Entry Information Pack.

The full rules of the contest can be found in the Youth Champs Aims and Rules Document.


The draw for the 2022 contest has now been carried out and bands will play at the following times. 

You can watch the draw that was carried out at the Butlins in January 2022. After the draw Stockport Schools Brass Band has with drawn so the updated draw and times are as follows below. 


Saturday 26 March    


    Performance time Arrival time
  1 Firth Park Academy Brass Band 10:55 10:05
  2 Lions Junior Brass 11:20 10:30
  3 Dobcross Youth Intermediate Band 11:45 10:55
    Results Ceremony 12:20  
Besson Prodige Debut        
  1 Birkwood Brass 13:10 12:20
  2 Wantage Youth Brass 13:30 12:40
  3 Macclesfield Training & Junior Bands 13:50 13:00
  4 Hounslow Junior Brass Band 14:10 13:20
  5 Summerwood and Fair Field Primary Schools 14:30 13:40
  6 Lions Development Band 14:50 14:00
  7 Amersham Brass Roots 15:10 14:20
  8 Tewit Youth Junior Band 15:50 15:00
  9 Cherry Tree Primary School 16:10 15:20
  10 St Ignatius College Brass Band 16:30 15:40
  11 Amersham Youth Band 16:50 16:00
  12 Milton Keynes Young Brass Hoppers 17:10 16:20
  13 Enderby Youth Band 17:30 16:40
  14 Boughton Band 17:50 17:00
    Results Ceremony 18:20  



Sunday 27 March    


Performance time
Arrival time
  1 Dobcross Youth Band 12:30 11.40
  2 Tewit Youth Senior Band 13:00 12:10
  3 Lancashire Youth Brass Band 13:30 12:40
  4 Oldham Music Centre Youth Brass Band 14:00 13:10
  5 Astley Youth Band 14:30 13:40
  6 Cardiff County and Vales of Glamorgan Youth Brass Band 15:00 14:10
  7 Macclesfield Youth Brass Band 15:45 14:55
  8 Lions Youth Brass 16:15 15:25
  9 St Helens Youth Brass Band 16:45 15:55
  10 Northamptonshire County Youth Brass Band 17:15 16:25
  11 Barnet Youth Brass Band 17:45 16:55
  12 Youth Brass 2000 18:15 17:25
    Results Ceremony 18:45  


  1 Elland Silver Training Band 10:20 09:40
  2 Tewit Youth Intermediate Band 10:50 10.00
    Results Ceremony 11:30  

Overview - Contest Sections:

Besson Prodige Debut Section (18 and under) - Bands of all standards are welcome to play in the Debut Section and join in the fun, even if they’ve played at the contest previously. The aim of this section is to enable beginners to receive their first experience of public performance as well as provide a space for more experienced players to perform in a non-competative environment.  All competitors in this section should have a positive experience so to encourage them to continue to progress on their instrument. 

Bands are required to play an own-choice programme not exceeding 10 minutes playing time. There is no set test-piece.

Elementary Section (14 and under) - The aim of this section is to give young people their first experience of competitive performance.  Participating bands will be given the freedom to select their own choice of music to promote flexible teaching and suitable repertoire for performance at this level.

Bands will perform an own-choice programme, not exceeding 15 minutes, which must include one original piece of music for brass band and two verses of a hymn from 120 Hymn Tunes for Brass Bands [the ‘Red’ hymn book].

Intermediate Section (16 and under) - The aim of this section is to introduce young people to the concept of assessment on original brass band music, in preparation for advancement to performing set test-pieces in future years.

Bands will perform an own-choice programme not exceeding 20 minutes, which must include an original brass band work of at least 7 minutes’ duration.

Championship Section (18 and under) - The aim of this section is for young people to perform together at a high standard and provide the final step through the doorway to adult banding.  All the players in this section will be young people still in formal education. The principles established earlier mean that it is not appropriate for those over the age of 18, who have left the education system or who are studying in tertiary education, to still be taking part in youth contesting.  Those who are over 18 years of age but who are still studying within the formal education system will be permitted to take part in the event.  In the case of over 18 players, please apply in writing to

Bands will perform an own-choice programme not exceeding 20 minutes, at least ten minutes of which must be original brass band music. NB: this is a variation of the original format, which would normally include a test piece. Find out about changes we've made for the 2022 event in our recent Youth Champs announcement.

Provisional Timings

We are providing provisional timings based on previous entries to assist participating bands in their planning but these timings will be confirmed at the time of the draw. These times represent the earliest start times for the contest. Bands should be able to plan to be able to arrive at these times, as, in the interests of fair competition, requests to play later will no longer be considered.

Saturday 26 March 2022
Besson Prodige Debut Section – First band performs 12:30 (arrival 11:30)
Elementary Section – First band performs 9:30 (arrival 8.30)
Sunday 27 March 2022
Intermediate Section – First band performs 9:30 (arrival 8.30)
Championship Section – First band performs 12:00 (arrival 11:00)

Draw Method

The order of play for the morning session will be drawn bearing in mind bands’ geographical distance to the contest. To avoid very early starts for morning sections, bands within 50 miles of the contest will be drawn in the first first sector, those within 50-100 miles will be drawn next and anyone over 100 miles will be drawn in the final part of the contest. For afternoon sessions the process will be reversed.

Requests for an early draw will be accepted, but requests to play later will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

This proposal has been suggested following feedback from a number of bands in order to maximise participation whilst maintaining the spirit of competition with a draw taking place still. These provisions are a trial for the 2022 event and feedback will be taken to see if these provisions remain in future years.

Additional Information:


Scores of each band’s own choice pieces must be provided for the adjudicators via an online form.  All adjudication will be open. Points will not be awarded. The adjudicators’ decisions are final.

Rehearsal Facilities

Dedicated rehearsal and warm up areas will be available to all participating bands/groups.  There will also be a space provided to leave coats, bags and cases, however, due to child safeguarding this cannot be used as a changing area.  Please arrive in uniform ready to perform.


Wristbands for players, the Musical Director and up to four helpers will be given to the official of each band upon arrival.  These wristbands will provide access to the backstage area prior to and during the performance, and into the auditorium for the duration of the section in which the band is competing.


Tickets can be purchased from 

Day tickets: Adults: £12.50, 12-16: £7.50 and Under-12: £4.50.
Weekend tickets: Adults: £15.00, 12-16: £9.00 and Under-12: £5.


For any information regarding the championships, please contact the contest controller on

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