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BandSafe Toolkit

BandSafe Toolkit in partnership with NSPCC


The Brass Bands England BandSafe Toolkit is a free online self-assessment toolkit for brass bands and other amateur music groups.  It was developed with the NSPCC and it's aim is to support bands in the development of policies and procedures that are fit for purpose and in place to minimise risks to the members and integrity of each band.

The online toolkit and all supporting documents are free to access for all brass bands regardless of their membership status to Brass Bands England. However, Brass Bands England members may also benefit from the support available to help you with the actions within your plan. 

To access the toolkit you will need to create a free BBE account by following this link to register. Once logged in the tool can be accessed in the ‘My Account’ section of your members dashboard

Completion of the Toolkit is one of the elements required to use the BBE-held BOPA to exempt your events from the need for individual Child Performance Licences. To mark this complete for your band please ensure that your account is linked with your band using this link before completing the tool and accepting the final statement on the band adopting your policy.    

For more information about using the BBE-held BOPA please visit our information page on the BOPA.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the toolkit?

The self-assessment toolkit is composed of a series of questions across four sections:

Section 1: Recruiting New Players and Allocating Roles to Volunteers

Section 2: Safeguarding Members of the Band

Section 3: Avoiding Accidents and Delivering Safe Activities and Events

Section 4: Supporting Young People and Vulnerable Adults Within Your Band

As you answer these questions you will be forming a personalised action plan which provides advice and guidance based on your answers as well as supporting documents. The action plan can be viewed online or printed.

Do I have to be a member of BBE to access this toolkit?

The online toolkit is free to access for all brass bands regardless of their membership status to Brass Bands England. We feel that it is our duty not to withhold any supporting information that could help protect brass bands and their members. Some of the more detailed documents you might want to use are only available to members, but you can create your own version of these yourselves if you wish. There is, however, a benefit to becoming a member, in that officer support is available to help you with the actions within your plan. 

How do I access the toolkit?

  1. Create an account at using this link.

  2. For non-members click on the members dashboard and click on my account. The non-member version is on the BandSafe tile.

  3. Members will need to make sure you link your account to your band using this link. You band admin will need to accept you to the band's account.

  4. Once your account is linked, go to the members dashboard (you will now see your band in the dashboard) and click the 'My Account' tab and click 'Bandsafe Toolkit'.