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Elevate: Artist Information

Who are we looking for?

Elevate is a collaborative programme bringing together brass bands and artists to create and learn together across a nine-month partnership. We have used the broad term ‘artist’ to reflect our open approach to this programme. You could be a music creator, a soloist, a dancer, a programme curator... We are looking for a partnership that will challenge brass bands’ normal performance practice with artists who will help push their boundaries by exploring new ideas, genres and ways of performing in a collaborative partnership. You don’t need to be an expert in brass bands by any means, but must be open to understanding how they operate. BBE can provide support and guidance in this area.

An open-minded approach is essential to participate in the programme. Ideas need to be developed in collaboration with your paired band to create an original performance outcome. 

What do artists gain from taking part in the programme?

  • A residency fee of £1,250 paid in instalments across the programme

  • Expenses related to the placement (i.e. travel and accommodation)

  • The opportunity to develop a working relationship with a brass band

  • The opportunity to create and collaborate on an original creative output - a concert, outdoor event, digital project, collaborative performance or outreach project - it’s up to you!

  • To work with the experienced events and marketing team at Brass Bands England to produce and promote your project

Application Process

The latest round of artist applications is now closed. For questions regarding future opportunities please contact BBE’s Projects Officer, Jess Wilson, at elevate@bbe.org.uk.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this programme you must:

  • Be over 18 years old

  • Not be in full or part-time education (mature, part-time students may apply)

  • Be based in the UK for the duration of the project

  • Willingness to undertake a DBS check

How does the programme work, and what will commitment look like?

Once a band and artist have been selected, BBE will arrange onboarding sessions (via Zoom) to facilitate initial ideas and plans for the final performance outcome. In this session a basic initial timeline will be visualised including rehearsal times, open rehearsals and performances. Each block of work will be tailored to the band, and the project budget available and managed by BBE. BBE is here as a helping hand to ensure the band realises its aims and ambitions with its paired artist, but this is your creative programme not ours! 

Artists will be expected to share their journey working on the project, and work alongside the BBE marketing team to promote the process and the final performance outcome. Artists participating in the programme must consent to BBE branding being included in the marketing materials of their final performance. Delivery of the final performance outcome will be supported by the BBE staff team, with funds available to help bands realise their vision. If the band’s ambitions are bigger than the budget available then BBE will work with bands to help source additional funding, or work with any funds the band wishes to match with.

It is the responsibility of the band and artists to work together to arrange suitable rehearsals to deliver the project in line with the fee and expenses available. One of these rehearsals must be open to BBE members to view, with the likelihood that BBE staff will also be present. 

You will be paired with your band for a nine-month partnership, by the end of which you will be expected to deliver a performance outcome. We have a flexible approach to what this outcome could look like - a concert, outdoor event, digital project, collaborative performance or outreach project - it’s up to the band!

Open communication is expected from the band and artist - the BBE team wants to hear what is working well / what can be improved and how can the experience be strengthened for everyone involved, so regular updates and check-ins are very much part of this process. 

The project will culminate in your chosen performance outcome supported by the BBE team. Artists must be able to participate in impact evaluation with the BBE team after the final output and provide anonymised demographics information for participants. BBE will support with the means of collecting this information, and arrange a final evaluation meeting to finalise the project. 

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the programme you can book in a 1:1 conversation with BBE’s Projects Officer Jess Wilson on calendly or email elevate@bbe.org.uk.