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Elevate: Band Information

Who is this project for?

Elevate is a collaborative programme bringing together brass bands and artists to create and learn together across a nine-month partnership. This programme is open to Brass Bands England organisational members based in England of all forms, abilities and experience. 

We are looking for an open-minded approach to the programme and the potential that the collaboration with your matched artist could bring. On application you will be able to indicate which of the shortlisted artists your group would prefer to work with. 

What do brass bands gain from taking part in the programme?

  • A fee of £1,000 paid directly to bands participating in the programme after completion of the final project

  • The opportunity to work with new artists 

  • The opportunity to create and collaborate on an original creative output - a concert, digital project, collaborative performance or outreach project - it’s up to you!

  • To work with the experienced events and marketing team at Brass Bands England to produce and promote your project

  • The opportunity to be highlighted and showcased nationally in the banding sector

  • The potential to grow your local and national audience

Additional funds for venue hire and marketing are available for the project, but will be managed by the BBE team. Costs of score hire or purchase are not available.

Application Process - Round 4

Round 4 applications will open in September 2025
Shortlisting - date tbc
Final Band and Artist Pairings Announced - date tbc
Final Outcomes to take place by -date tbc

Your organisation needs to be an English-based member of Brass Bands England to be eligible to take part in the programme. Applications to participate will be via application form, which will go live on this page in June. You may submit your response via video or audio if you wish, but all questions listed on the form must be answered. Video or audio submissions can be submitted via email to elevate@bbe.org.uk.

Shortlisting and artist pairing will take place across April and May 2024, when you may be invited for an online interview with the Brass Bands England team. If you are successful you will hear from us by the end of May 2024. You will be paired with your artist from June 2024 with a final project outcome taking place by July 2024. As part of the programme, support and guidance will be provided to bands and artists by the BBE staff team.

Want to find out more about the artists? Read their biographies and project outlines below. These are the artists currently available for pairing:


The timeline for this round isn’t ideal for our band, can we take part in the future?

Yes! There are a number of application rounds taking place until 2026 as part of BBE’s 2023-2026 Arts Council England core funding. The final round of activity in this period will end by April 2026, with bands final opportunity to apply to take part in Spring 2025 at the latest. Dates for future applications will be available soon.



How does the programme work, and what will commitment look like?

Once a band and artist have been selected, BBE will arrange onboarding sessions (via zoom) to facilitate initial ideas and plans for the final performance outcome. In this session a basic initial timeline will be visualised including rehearsal times, open rehearsals and performances. Each block of work will be tailored to the band, and the project budget available and managed by BBE. BBE is here as a helping hand to ensure the band realises its aims and ambitions with its paired artist, but this is your creative programme not ours! 

Bands will be expected to share their journey working on the project, and work alongside the BBE marketing team to promote the process and the final performance outcome. Bands participating in the programme must consent to BBE branding being included in the marketing materials of their final performance. Delivery of the final performance outcome will be supported by the BBE staff team, with funds available to help bands realise their vision. If your ambitions are bigger than the budget available then BBE will work with you to attempt to source additional funding, or work with any funds the band wishes to match with.

It is the responsibility of the band and artists to work together to arrange suitable rehearsals to deliver the project in line with the fee and expenses available. One of these rehearsals must be open to BBE members to view, with the likelihood that BBE staff will also be present. 

You will be paired with your artist for a nine-month partnership, by the end of which you will be expected to deliver a performance outcome. We have a flexible approach to what this outcome could look like - a concert, outdoor event, digital project, collaborative performance or outreach project - it’s up to you!

Open communication is a must from all participating bands - it will be vital that the whole team knows what is working well, what can be improved, and how the experience can be strengthened for everyone involved, so regular updates and check-ins will form part of this process. 

The project will culminate in your chosen performance outcome, supported by the BBE team. Band members (as well as band management) must be able to participate in impact evaluation with the BBE team after the final output and provide anonymised demographics information for participants. BBE will support with the means of collecting this information, and arrange a final evaluation meeting to finalise the project. Once this has taken place the final fee will be payable to bands.

What will a good application look like?

When shortlisting bands to take part, the panel will be looking for the following:

  • Have you done a collaboration before? Has it made an impact on your band? Why will this be different for them?

  • Picking an artist - thought behind the project. The artists shortlist will be announced by the time band applications open - how much thought have you put into your chosen artist?  

  • How realistic is this project in your calendar? The first round might not be the best fit, but other opportunities down the line might best suit your band.

  • What are the band’s aims and purpose? How will Elevate fit into that?

  • Realistic in what support they will need from the programme - BBE are here to help, so we want to know how our team's resources and knowledge can best guide your band for your desired outcome.

  • How will the band evaluate their progress throughout?

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the programme please contact BBE’s Projects Officer Jess Wilson on elevate@bbe.org.uk. For a reminder when the project is open for applications, please register for BBE news.

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