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Women in Banding

Woman playing a bass on top of the moors

Brass Bands England's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group recently carried out a survey to learn about your experiences of being a woman or identifying as female in brass banding, whether positive or negative. Perhaps you've not given it much thought and your gender makes no difference.  Or maybe your gender has shaped your banding experience dramatically.  The responses will be used to frame an overall picture of what it is like to be a woman in banding today to share with others and guide our activities.  We recently launched our findings ahead of International Women's Day in March 2022.

International Women's Day is celebrated on the 8th March each year.

To coincide with IWD our friends at Brass for Africa have launched a new campaign to #BreakTheBias and help bring equality to 250 girls across Uganda, Rwanda and Liberia by funding their music and life-skills education for an entire year. Find out more about how to join the Race for Equality.

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Bring back the brass with Anri Adachi - May 2021


Femmes Fortissimo celebrate International Women's Day 2021


Women in Brass Bands at the RNCM

At the RNCM Brass Band Festival 2020, BBE's Education and Development Co-ordinator Sarah Baumann chaired a discussion on the topic of 'Women in Brass Bands', joined by Sheona White, Liz Lane - ComposerHalldis Rønning, Kate Lock of Femmes Fortissimo and Nicki Tonge of World of Brass.


Celebrating International Women's Day 2019


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