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Brass Bands England's Fundraising Service

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At the heart of fundraising, there are some very basic principles which - if followed - can lead to success. This is particularly true when writing grant applications where a well-researched, step-by-step approach which aligns to the funder’s criteria is recommended.

Research demonstrates that music, arts and cultural activities offer a strong and, in some cases, specific contribution to achieving social and economic outcomes in society - ranging from improving the quality of life of older people in care homes to getting excluded young people back into education and employment. There are many arts activities funded by public and private sources over the years that have improved and transformed people’s life chances and led to reduced isolation and loneliness for example.

The Brass Bands England team have a wide range of experience in these fields from playing and working in and with the banding sector regionally, nationally and internationally. Every brass band, however, will have its own needs, community and ideas, which can take many forms but combine to make each brass band different and special.

As a result of grant funding from The Backstage Trust, Brass Bands England is now able to offer our membership a new professional fundraising service. BBE’s Fundraising Service has been devised to:

  1. Help brass bands identify the best funders for their projects

  2. Support bands in creating and articulating their Case for Support

  3. Enable brass bands to become more effective in securing and sustaining new sources of funding for artistic programmes, education/community activities and building projects

Brass Band England’s new Fundraising Manager Pamela Johnson can work with you to make a difference and better support your fundraising efforts. As a qualified, professional arts and charity fundraiser, she can help you navigate the complex environment of public and private funding, supporting you to:

  • Identify the best funding opportunities for your project or band needs

  • Coach you through developing a case for support, grant or application process

  • Write various elements of your funding proposal to ensure you present your chosen funder with the best possible case for support.

In order to gauge whether this fundraising service is right for your band. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you consider you need funding to deliver an artistic project, education activity or to develop your band’s building or operations for future sustainability?

  2. Does your band’s project or idea match the criteria of funders/donors you know, have heard about or already researched?

  3. Are there opportunities in your local area that you think your band can respond to e.g. work with under-represented, disadvantaged/vulnerable, youth or community groups or reach new audiences?

  4. Is there agreement within your band or committee that you don’t currently have the ability or skills to pursue this opportunity without external support?

  5. If successful, would you require external project management support from BBE to help deliver aspects of your project?

  6. Is your project idea something that will require funding within the next 12 – 18 months?

Yes to most questions? You can get in touch with us by completing a short form (see below). Your answers will help inform us how this fundraising service could work for you.

No to most questions? This Fundraising Service is unlikely to be the right approach for you at this current time, but you may benefit from other membership training or resources that Brass Bands England offer.

How to access

  • The fundraising service is open to BBE member bands and individuals. Find out more about joining BBE.
  • Complete this online form - on submission we will be in touch with you within 3 weeks. Please note: In order to meet requirements from our funders, and for your band to get the most value from this service, we require at least one member of your band organisation to have taken part in BBE's training Band Governance Bootcamp and be able to evidence that members of the band/committee have worked through our new free member resource - BBE Inclusion Toolkit. If the project you are seeking funding for has a focus on working with children and young people, it is also a requirement that you have taken part in the following:
  1. BBE's BandSafe Training

  2. Your band has Safeguarding policies in place that are in line with BBE's BandSafe Toolkit.

  • Following form completion and submission, you’ll receive a call from one of our team to discuss your responses. A 1:1 appointment will then be scheduled with our Fundraising Manager for further discussion of your proposal requirements.

  • The costs for our fundraising service are outlined below. These amounts are heavily subsidised due to external funding BBE has secured, and as a result highly competitive in comparison to commercial marketplace rates.

Fundraising Service Costs


Band Governance Bootcamp +/ BandSafe


£50 - £110


Training sessions scheduled throughout 2022


Search for relevant grant funders – list of up to 10 funds





Search for relevant grant funders – list of up to 50 funds





Application fee (review and comments) under £5,000 application




2 draft maximum


Application fee (review and comments) £5,000 - £10,000 application



2 draft maximum


Application fee (review and comments) £10,000 - £15,000 application




2 draft maximum


Application fee (review and comments) £15,000 - £20,000 application




2 draft maximum


Application fee (review and comments) £20,000+ application


Price on request



Arts Council England Submission Service (Project Grants submitted on Grantium) under £30,000 application




Budget included


Arts Council England Submission Service (Project Grants submitted on Grantium) over £30,000 application


Price on request


Case for Support  Free to members Webinar Introduction to Case for Support and template
1:1 Consultancy support Price on request Coaching on how to populate your case for support with relevant content and data, and signposting to additional resources

Project Management Support

(on successful funding application outcome)    
Admin Support £100 Daily rate
Project Management £150 Daily rate

Apply to BBE's Fundraising Service