You can become a member of BBE either as an organisation or as an individual

Newmoon Insurance Services Ltd.

A bespoke brass band policy tailored to your band’s individual needs and requirements. You select the sum insured and can take out the cover at any time.

Policy cover is accidental damage, loss and theft. The policy has no excess on instruments. Cover can be arranged on instruments, uniforms, trophies, sheet music, etc. and general band equipment. In addition, options are available for public liability, employer’s liability, trustee indemnity, buildings and contents.

As each policy is tailored to a band’s needs, Newmoon will provide a free quote to you over the phone or by email – this process takes only a few minutes. Please call them on 01892 506884 or email providing details of band name, start date and, if possible, a split in the sum insured (instrument total, uniforms, sheet music, etc, public limit of liability and any options e.g. building cover etc - these details normally on your current schedule. Give Newmoon a call on 01892 506884 or email, to discuss what they might be able to save you. Premiums start from £50.00 plus tax (liability only).

In addition to its comprehensive insurance products, Newmoon also provides Band Aid – a refund of your premium back to your band at inception and at every renewal (whilst insured by Newmoon – N.B. the refund excludes tax). For BBE members, the refund is initially 10% and then 7.5% on each renewal, representing an enhanced benefit of 2.5% over non-members. Over the last few years, Newmoon has refunded over £30,000 to its insured bands – so why not get a quote to see if you can benefit from this programme?

Newmoon, also supports Brass Band Radio ( and attends various Regional Championships and other brass band events.

Newmoon could save your band money with its competitive premiums, comprehensive cover, annual enhanced Band Aid together with members enjoying all the benefits of BBE.

Visit the Newmoon website for more details.