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Develop your band sound title with images of David Thornton and Russell Gray
30th October 2023
Is your band sound the best that it can be? Here are some tips from the...
30th October 2023
A staple of The Brass Band Conference is the afternoon panel discussion...
30th October 2023
James Parkinson of WFEL Fairey Band provides a complete guide to this...
30th October 2023
At this year’s Brass Band Conference Darren Henley CBE, the CEO of Arts...
Children playing pbuzz in a school hall
24th October 2023
Sheffield Harmony Works partners teamed together to provide schools within...
Gavin Higgins stands on the stage to give his speech. He is dressed in all black.
18th October 2023
Watch award-winning composer Gavin Higgins deliver his keynote address at...
9th October 2023
Christmas Crowdfunder webinar launch 2023
9th October 2023
BBE fundraising manager Beth discusses the Cost of Living crisis impact on...
Old black and white photo of the band posing in ribboned uniforms with their instruments
27th September 2023
Case study on Foden's heritage project.
27th September 2023
A keynote from the 2020 Brass Band Conference from Amersham Band's...
Child in a red waistcoat playing the cornet
22nd September 2023
Safeguarding Essentials webinar
15th September 2023
Brass Evolution Podcast - The Brass Band Archive