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Chethams virtual Bootcamp for young players

Boy playing a xylophone, holding three mallets in each hand
Saturday, 13 March, 2021

This month, Chethams School of Music will be running a virtual musical Bootcamp for young musicians aged 8 - 18. Anyone can register to take part and it's totally free.

There's a lot taking place over the next two Sundays, with activities for both beginners and more advanced students, across different styles including classical, big band and jazz.

We found nine workshops that will be relevant to brass and percussion players:

Chethams Bootcamp: 21 March 2021

Low Brass Bootcamp: 10.30am
Tuba Bootcamp Plus (Grade 5+): 12 midday
Trombone Bootcamp Plus (Grade 5+): 12 midday
Percussion Bootcamp Plus (Grade 5+): 12 midday

Chethams Bootcamp: 28 March 2021

Trumpet Bootcamp: 10:30am
Big Band and Jazz Bootcamp: 10.30am
Trumpet Bootcamp Plus (Grade 5+): 12 midday
French Horn Bootcamp: 10.30am
French Horn Bootcamp Plus (Grade 5+): 12 midday

One of our Brass Foundations Youth Specialists, Helen Minshall, will be participating in some of the workshops, offering a chance to hear more about how you can get involved in the BBE Brass Foundations programme.