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Opera North Brass Academy for young players

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Tuesday, 4 May, 2021

Opportunity for young players to participate in Opera North's Brass Academy. £130 per person but bursaries and payment plans available. Enrole by Monday 17 May 2021.

The Woodwind and Horn Academy and the Brass Academy both focus on ensemble playing and developing and improving the skills used to play in different sized ensembles and the special relationships between instruments of the section. Carefully chosen repertoire will allow participants to look closely at what makes a great brass ensemble and focus on developing specific playing techniques. In addition to repertoire rehearsals, players will participate in intuitive music workshops as well as performance and technique masterclasses which give the opportunity for peer and professional feedback.

The Summer Orchestra Academy is an auditioned seasonal orchestra where young players form all over the north of England come together for an intensive week of rehearsals under the baton of Lee Reynolds. Throughout the week members of the Academy will work closely with their respective members of the Orchestra of Opera North in both section and tutti rehearsals in addition to a side by side rehearsal with the entire Orchestra of Opera North. The Academy will work on repertoire for orchestras and opera and will result in a final performance in the purpose built Orchestra and Chorus room in the Howard Opera Centre.

The Opera North Youth Orchestra is a pre-professional ensemble in the North of England for career-minded instrumentalists aged 16 – 21 and serves to help transition from further or higher education into the professional world of music. Drawing inspiration from the orchestral and opera work of Opera North, the Youth Orchestra will prepare and perform two programs of challenging repertoire each academic year whilst learn the musical and non-musical intricacies of working within a high-level orchestra.

In each of these projects young people will work with the following Opera North Staff in side by side rehearsals, sectionals, workshops and masterclasses:

Trumpets: Murray Greig, Mike Woodhead, Shannon Gateley

Horns: Bob Ashworth, John Pratt, Alex Hamilton, Mike Arnold

Trombones: Blair Sinclair, Rob Burtenshaw, Christian Jones, Chris Guenault

Tubas: Brian Kingsley


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