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Performing with children: how can the BBE BOPA help me?

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Wednesday, 17 May, 2023

Performing with children: how can the BBE BOPA help me? - A webinar for event organisers and bands

If you are involved in any events that include under 16 year olds in England and Wales, join BBE Membership Development Manager Alex Parker to learn about why, when and how to use the BBE BOPA for Child Performance Licensing. 

There are a few changes on the horizon so this webinar will be a refresher for those who use the BOPA regularly but also an opportunity to introduce the system for those who haven’t used it before. These changes include how the BOPA can cover events in school hours under certain circumstances.

For event organisers we will also outline how the BBE BOPA can help improve your event by lowering the admin burden on both you and your participant bands making it easier to participate in your event. 

If you are an event organiser, did you know you are legally required to cover all young people taking part with a child performance licence (CPL)?

A CPL is required for all young people taking part in leisure activities and thus affects all brass bands working with under 16s. A Body of Persons Approval (BOPA) can simplify this process.

This session covers both CPLs and BOPAs - what they are, how to use them, and how to apply.

Many organisations can use local authorities to cover their event but this can present problems for participant bands. We will discuss these potential issues and how BBE can help event organisers increase participation at events including the BBE BOPA.  

Contests and festivals - what do I need to know?

Every event you organise will be unique and, in the world of brass bands, performances may often take the form of a contest or a festival, rather than a simple concert. You may be working with multiple bands, not just your own, and other partner organisations, youth-specific or otherwise.

During this webinar we will look at what licensing is required for each type of event and how to adapt and implement safeguarding policies appropriately.

Host and format

This webinar will be delivered by BBE’s Membership Development Manager, Alex Parker. The session will include a Q&A for questions. A recording of the presentation will be made available in the BBE Member Resources library following the event.

This live webinar is free for members and £10 for non-members of BBE.

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