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BBE Brass Foundations programme visits Cumbria

Wednesday, 17 January, 2024

BBE’s Brass Foundations Youth Development Specialist Helen Minshall spent last week visiting eight schools across Cumbria, working with over 200 children in total. This was the second part of a project that began in November 2023 in partnership with Cumbria Futures Federation.

The partnership was developed with Helen along with Tom Hailwood - Head of Cumbria Futures Federation (Solway and Beacon Schools) and Kaytie Harding. Tom had a vision for the schools in his area to play brass instruments in order to keep the brass band heritage of the area alive. Kaytie is a passionate brass teacher with Cumberland Music Service and teaches whole class brass to Year 7 and 8 at Solway and Beacon Schools

Helen delivered sessions with the children in November 2023 and January 2024 and it has been reported back that the children had an amazing time and are very enthused!


To follow on from Helen’s Brass Foundations workshops, Tom's schools are funding a brass experience for all feeder schools that participated in the workshop. Additionally, funded by Beacon Hill and Solways Community Schools, Kaytie is planning to deliver three 1-hour follow up brass sessions per school. This will prepare the children for their time at Solway or Beacon Hill where they will learn brass for one hour a week.  From September there will also be an opportunity for schools to sign up for brass tuition in Year 6 from the Music Service. 

This Brass Foundations project has already seen an incredible impact and we are excited to see the development of brass players in the Cumbria area.

Thanks to everyone involved!

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