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The Making Music Platform: Manage your group’s admin in one central online system

The Making Music Platform: Manage your group’s admin in one central online system
Wednesday, 29 November, 2023

Our partners Making Music have launched a new system for band administration, which BBE Members can access through their affiliate membership to the organisation.

There is a lot involved with running the administrative side of a music group which can lead to using multiple systems, such as sending emails in Gmail, selling event tickets on Ticketsource, sharing sheet music PDFs in Dropbox, and keeping membership details in Excel spreadsheets.

Whilst having multiple systems in place can work for many groups, Making Music has found a way to bring all these features into one place – the Making Music Platform. Not only does the Making Music Platform provide all the features mentioned above, but it integrates them into an online group management tool with the option to add a public-facing website to help promote your band's activities.

With the Platform, you can create unlimited email addresses and mailing lists to communicate with your members or supporters. Its well-integrated payment system allows you to collect donations, membership subscriptions, event bookings and even sell merchandise.

If you’ve ever had difficulties sharing documents with your committee or members, the Making Music Platform can help you with that. A dedicated members area allows you to upload documents for your members to access, or share documents with just your committee. All your documents are stored and organised in one centralised and secure space, making it easier for everyone to access what they need.

The Making Music Platform also allows you to upload learning tracks and rehearsal recordings, as well as display your concert photos in a gallery format. The Platform is even integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, and – so if all your trombone learning tracks are uploaded and sorted on Dropbox, simply link the folder to your Platform, and your trombonists will be able to listen through the Platform’s built-in media player!

There are many more fantastic features that the Platform can offer. Whether you opt for the full public-facing website, or just a members’ area to integrate into your current website, you can rest assured that the Making Music Platform is a great (and stylish) way to bring all your management tools into one easily accessible place.

Prices start from £78 per year, with an initial £130 setup fee. More information can be found on the Making Music website.