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BandSafe Training

BandSafe Training is delivered online, with in-person training made available where possible.

BandSafe Training Dates

Confirmed dates for BandSafe Training are as follows:

BandSafe Online Tue 5 Oct 6pm
BandSafe Online Thu 4 Nov 6pm
BandSafe Online Sat 13 Nov 9am

BandSafe (for FolkSafe) Online Wed 20 Oct 6pm
BandSafe (for FolkSafe) Online Tue 23 Nov 6pm

BandSafe (Leeds) 5 Dec 5.30pm

Visit our Events Page to view all upcoming Brass Bands England events.

To find out more about the BandSafe programme, including the BandSafe Toolkit and BBE-held BOPA, visit our BandSafe information page.