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You can become a member of BBE either as an organisation or as an individual

BandSafe Training

BandSafe Training is delivered online, with in-person training made available where possible.

BandSafe Training Dates

Confirmed dates for BandSafe Training are as follows:

Bandsafe Online Tuesday 4th June 2024 10am - Daytime course

Bandsafe Online Thursday 20th June 2024 6pm

Bandsafe Online Wednesday 3rd July 2024 6pm

Bandsafe Online Thursday 8th August 2024 6pm

Bandsafe Online Thursday 5th September 2024 6pm

Bandsafe Online Wednesday 18th September 2024 6pm

Bandsafe Online Monday 7th October 2024 6pm

Bandsafe Online Wednesday 23rd October 2024 6pm

Bandsafe Online Thursday 14th November 2024 10am  - Daytime course

Bandsafe Online Tuesday 26th November 2024 6pm



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To find out more about the BandSafe programme, including the BandSafe Toolkit and BBE-held BOPA, visit our BandSafe information page.