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BBCA Mentoring Scheme

The Brass Band Conductors’ Association (BBCA) is keen to encourage new and aspiring conductors, and those looking to improve their skills, to fulfil their ambitions and go on to succeed as accomplished conductors within brass banding at every level.

The introduction of the BBCA Mentoring Scheme is designed to put those new to conducting or wanting to improve in touch with established conductors in order to benefit from their experience and feedback.  This is not a conducting teaching programme.

How do I find a Mentor?

BBCA has Area Representatives throughout England as well as Scotland, Wales and Ireland, who will endeavour to find you a suitable mentor and make an initial connection for you.  Ideally this would be someone relatively local to your area and with experience at the appropriate level of banding.  Meet the Area Representatives.

What help can a Mentor offer?

Whilst mentors may have different skills, experience, connections and availability, these are some of the ways in which they might provide assistance: 

  • Reviewing videos of your conducting and giving feedback
  • Assistance with programming for an event, or rehearsal repertoire
  • Guidance with rehearsal structure, people management and communication skills
  • Organising a conducting ‘taster’ session with a local band, or longer-term association in order to practice conducting technique
  • Advising on conducting courses

How does the Mentoring Scheme work?

  • Once a mentor and mentee have been put in touch, it is up to them to agree the frequency and method of contact, the scope of the mentoring arrangement and at what point they will review how it is working, with the option of either party to pull out.  Transparency is required around contesting and adjudicating engagements.

Buddying system

As an alternative to mentoring an Area Representative might be able to connect two local conductors who can share ideas and attend each other’s band rehearsals to give feedback, through a ‘buddying’ system.


Anyone wishing to take part in the Mentoring Scheme must be aged 18 or over and a member of the BBCA.

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