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We believe that everyone, regardless of circumstance and background, should have the opportunity to learn to play a brass instrument, enjoy brass music and take part in banding activities in the community where they live.  Across England, our partners, funders, supporters and band member organisations play a vital part in making this happen.

Brass Bands England delivers events, training and outreach programmes that provide access, promote creativity and deliver well-being benefits - from building player confidence and self-esteem to improving teamwork, skills and mental health. 

The pandemic and successive lockdowns have seen many children and young people miss out on picking up an instrument for the first time.  This has hit low-income families hardest. 

Our solution is Brass Foundations - creating the new brass band players of tomorrow. This music education programme aims to reach 10,000 children and young people across rural areas and deprived towns and inner cities across England. We help bands, schools and music education hubs develop their brass provision, deliver engaging workshops days and support partnership building to provide access to brass ensembles. Brass Foundations gives young people a chance to develop their music skills, hear and watch inspiring players and be a part of their local community brass band, as well as the opportunity to perform at our annual National Youth Champs.

Your help will provide much-needed support for disadvantaged children and young people to start their brass music journey. 

How you can donate

You can support us by making a single one-off donation, leaving a Legacy or by giving monthly.

100% of your donation goes towards our project activity.

Just choose one of the options below - any donation, small or large, makes a real difference. 

£5 per month could support a Brass Foundations workshop day for up to 90 children and young people in one of our target areas in England.

£15 per month could support a 6-week group project, kickstarting a young person’s music journey.

£30 per month could support a band attending our annual Youth Champs, giving young people their first experience performing on stage.

A one off donation of £500 could support year-long 1:1 support and coaching for community band leaders.

A one off donation of £1,500 could support brass workshop sessions for 2,000 young people  

Making a gift, however small, will help support a young person’s music development, the continuation of brass banding heritage and the future sustainability of brass music as an artform.

If you are a UK taxpayer, a donation with gift aid means we can claim an extra 25p from the Government for every £1 we receive, ensuring your money goes even further.

Alternatively, if you run a company you can sponsor a project, or our annual National Youth Championships to get even closer to our work and make a real difference to young people’s lives.

Looking to Leave a legacy?

Find out how on our legacy page


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