Recurring Annual Membership

The price you pay for BBE membership relates to the size of your organisation - measured by the number of bands. For example, if you have a youth band and a senior band within your organisation you should purchase a 2 band membership. For setting up a recurring payment via Direct Debit you get a 2.5% discount on all membership fees.

  • A 1 Band Membership is £97.50 per year. This is also suitable for Brass Band Associations/Networks. 
  • A 2 Band membership is £146.25 per year

  • A 3 Band Membership is £170.63 per year

  • A 4 or more Band Membership is £195 per year

  • Student/youth Band single membership is £73.13 per year

  • Youth/Student 2 Band membership is £97.50 per year

  • Youth/Student 3 Band Membership is £121.88 per year

  • Youth/Student 4+ Bands mebership is £146.25 per year

Individual memberships are also available

If you wish to only make a one off payment for one years membership or to pay by cheque please Apply Here

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