You can become a member of BBE either as an organisation or as an individual

Membership Prices

Band Membership

The price of BBE membership is based on the number of groups within your banding organisation. e.g. If you have a senior band and a youth band, we would encourage you to purchase the 2-band membership at the reduced rate for the second. If you have a senior band, a youth band and a training band, then you may wish to select a 3-band membership, with a further reduction for the third band. The number of bands registered is entirely a matter for each organisation, but we appreciate that some are constituted separately within the same umbrella organisation and may wish to have their own BBE membership.  

Local associations and other banding networks are eligible to purchase the 1-band membership. This does NOT cover any of their member bands.

Special prices are available for stand-alone youth/student bands.

Membership Type Annual Fee    Direct Debit Saving   
1 Band  £100 £97.50
2 Bands £150 £146.25
3 Bands £175 £170.63
4 + Bands £200 £195.00
Youth/Student Bands    £75


Youth/Student 2 Bands  £100 £97.50
Youth/Student 3 Bands £125 £121.88
Youth/Student 4+ Bands £150 £146.25


Individual BBE membership

If your band is not a BBE member you as an individual can join to receive all the benefits of membership. This costs just £25 for the year.


Our preferred payment method is via direct debit (we also offer a discount if you use this). However, if you'd rather make a one-off payment you can pay via Stripe (an online payment service) or via cheque. Please note that due to the costs incurred by us when processing a cheque this incurs an additional £25 administration fee.