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Let's talk diversity!

Women in Brass Bands

At the RNCM Brass Band Festival 2020, BBE's Education and Development Co-ordinator Sarah Baumann chaired a discussion on the topic of 'Women in Brass Bands', joined by Sheona White, Liz Lane - ComposerHalldis Rønning, Kate Lock of Femmes Fortissimo and Nicki Tonge of World of Brass.

Take part in our Women in banding survey, closing date 25th June 2021.

Pride Brass Interview - Brass Band Radio (4 November 2020)

The BBE show talks to Anthony and Rob from Pride Brass about their motivation and experience of creating the Pride Brass organisation


Music Opportunities for the disabled - Brass Band Radio (26 November 2020)

Open Up Music trustee and composer Liz Lane shares her insights about the Open Up Music Organisation and Orchestras for All, two organisations that provide accessible music opportunities for disabled people along with BBE EDI Trustee Julie Hoggarth


OHMI - Instrument adaptations - Brass Band Radio ( 16 September2020)

Rachel Wolffsohn from the OHMI (One-handed Musical Instruments) charity talks about how they can help players who are disabled or who are no longer able to physically manage their instruments.


Starting a Youth Band - Brass Band Radio (11 November 2020)

Youth conductor and music teacher Stuart Black and BBE EDI trustee Julie Hoggarth talk about their experiences of setting up and engaging with youth bands

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