Making Music Insurance Services

We have partnered with Making Music to give our members access to the best possible value insurance for your band. If you add them together - membership subscription and your insurance premium - it usually cost less than the cost of a comparable insurance policy elsewhere: most groups save money simply by joining us and that's before they have even looked at the other fantastic services we provide!

Our members also get access to a special policy developed for brass bands on top of the other superb insurance packages provided by Making Music Insurance Services, underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA). Tailor-made for amateur music groups, it provides a comprehensive range of covers including public and employers’ liability, trustee indemnity, event cancellation, property and money.


Protection where you need it

The package is tailor made to cover your rehearsals and events and protect your trustees, members and the general public against adverse incidents that arise from your activities and for which your organisation is found liable.

Premiums start at just £43 per year, for a group with less than £21,000 income a year needing ‘Bronze’ level cover.

The basic ‘Bronze’ package includes Public liability, Employers' liability, Trustee indemnity (for registered charities), Money and Products liability.

Or you can opt for ‘Silver’,‘Gold’ or 'Brass', adding various levels of insurance for property owned, hired or loaned to your group; and to insure yourself against cancellation or abandonment of an event.

The standard covers can also be extended, if you need higher levels, and other types of insurance, such as buildings and travel, can also be provided for you at competitive prices.

For more information about activating your BBE affiliate membership and see all the insurance and other benefits Making Music offer at