Development Event Dates Confirmed for 2020

Artistic Development - Saturday 18th January 2020 - Essex

Artistic Development - Saturday 1st February 2020 - Worksop

Player Development - Saturday 8th February 2020 - Croydon

Artistic Development - Sunday 22nd March 2020 - Lancaster

Player Development - Sunday 17th May 2020 - Leeds

Player Development - Saturday 14th June 2020 - Cornwall

Player Development - Sunday 6th September 2020 -  West Midlands (Venue TBC)

Player Development - Sunday 22nd November 2020 - East Midlands (Venue TBC)

Further Artistic Development dates will be confirmed in the coming months.


Artistic Development

The longest running of the Development series, Artistic Development is led by The Cory Band MD Philip Harper. In this full day session, Philip guides attendees through topics such as concert planning, collaboration, the role of the conductor, band marketing and the philosophy of art itself! 


BBE’s Education and Development Co-ordinator Sarah Baumann commented ‘These sessions have been a real highlight of 2019 for me. Philips approach has really changed attendees attitude to leading a band, and their artistic role within the band. MD’s have made real changes to the way they rehearse and plan for concerts, and are improving the quality of the music their band produces as a result which is incredible.’


As part of the day, a demo band from the local area joins attendees to be rehearsed by Philip so he can demonstrate rehearsal techniques - a fascinating experience for attendees and band members alike. 


Player Development

BBE’s latest addition to the series, Player Development workshops are led by performance experts Paul Cosh and Dr Roger Webster. This duo of workshops looks to improve the overall quality of bands’ playing and performance. In these sessions, Paul Cosh focuses on the essentials of brass playing, looking at practical exercises to improve individual playing standards and, thus contributing to overall improvements in bands’ performances. Roger Webster’s attention is drawn to the mental and physiological aspects of efficient practice and performance methods, while both sessions will deliver a consistent message that focussing on improving the quality of individual players can drastically affect the quality of your band overall.


Further events are in the pipeline for later in 2020, in particular a workshop session focusing on ‘Copyright’ to go alongside a series of governance workshops for bands currently in development.   


All events can be booked through the BBE website - Any questions about development events can be directed to BBE’s Education and Development Coordinator Sarah Baumann at