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Brass Bands England issues further Covid-19 advice, guidance and resources


In order to assist bands with their decision-making processes, a decision tree can be downloaded from the Brass Bands England website, which will inform different types of organisations what activity they can undertake and what specific risk assessments they should carry out to ensure the safest possible experience for their members. 


Resource can be downloaded from


In addition, BBE has produced risk assessment templates to assist bands in taking the correct steps to both ensure safety and to remain compliant with the current Government guidelines in the four different situations that are covered by the DCMS advice. These can be accessed on the BBE website at, where there is also a full explanation on the use of the risk assessments. 


Chief Executive Officer of BBE, Kenny Crookston, explained: “We strongly urge bands considering any return to activity to pay close attention to the contents of these risk assessment templates and to make sure that they use the correct one for their specific activity by referring to the accompanying decision tree and advice document. Bands should remember that the COVID-19 Pandemic remains an extremely serious situation for us all and that very careful consideration should be given to the health and wellbeing of their members, their families, extended networks and to the general public in any decision-making process. Being permitted by the Government to go back to a band rehearsal should never mean that it is compulsory for anyone, but we implore those that do return to make sure that the necessary precautions they do put in place are followed carefully for the foreseeable future."


The Brass Bands England staff team will be making themselves available from 6:00-8:00pm on Tuesday 25 August for a drop-in session to answer any questions about the COVID-19 guidance surrounding band activity. Anyone wishing to speak to a member of the team should register for free on this link. A Zoom link for the session will be emailed on registration. 


If anyone has questions on restarting activities, then please contact BBE on 01226 771015 or We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls so please be assured we will get back to you but it may take us some time. Our web resources might be able to help you sooner.