COVID-19 Advice, Guidance and Resources

You may now be aware that the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport updated its advice for the performing arts on 14th August. We have been working with the DCMS to bring you guidance and over the next few days will be providing resources to help you decide how and when you can resume activity safely.

It goes without saying that the decision to begin rehearsing will be different for your organisation than for others and you will need to look carefully at your facilities and possibly follow a temporary relocation to comply with spacing. The most important thing is to maintain the health and safety of your group, so only proceed when you have a plan in place that makes that possible. It is also beholden on your band not to pressure members to return if they are not yet comfortable with the risk level that rehearsing poses. It is important to note that, although activity in certain circumstances is allowed in the guidance, it is not necessarily 100% safe, even with all measures possible in place.   

Please see below the latest information relating to brass band activity and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please take careful notice of all of its contents and take all steps recommended by the DCMS before and during any return to banding that you or your band chooses to undertake. We hope that this provides some light at the end of a very long tunnel and that you and your band members remain safe and healthy at all times.


BBE's latest guidance can be found here 


Returning to rehearsal resources

Where do you fit into the guidance?

To assist bands as they make the decision to restart activity, BBE has produced four example Risk Assessments to support the work bands will need to do to make the activity sit within the current DCMS guidance. Bands should refer initially to the support guidance found here and then the decision tree to ascertain how their rehearsal fits within the current guidance.

A PDF version can be downloaded here 

Example Risk Assessments 

Once you have checked which risk assessment to use, please choose from those below 

1 Small group (up to six players) rehearsing outdoors

2 Small group (up to two households) rehearsing indoors or outdoors

3 Large group (more than six players) rehearsing outdoors

4 Large group (more than six players) rehearsing indoors


As always, if you have questions on restarting activities then please contact us on 01226 771015 or We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls so please be assured we will get back to you but it may take us some time. Our web resources might be able to help you sooner.

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