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BBE Fundraising
Wednesday, 1 June, 2022

At the heart of fundraising, there are some very basic principles which - if followed - can lead to success. This is particularly true when writing grant applications where a well-researched, step-by-step approach, which aligns to the funder’s criteria, is recommended. 

Perhaps you’re already thinking about your Christmas campaign, or ways to raise funds to improve your band hall or facilities? Our recently launched Fundraising Service is specifically designed to help you succeed.

We can:

  • Identify the best funders for you in your area
  • Coach you through developing your case for support
  • Help you apply or even write the application 

In addition to our service, the Norman Jones Trust is open for applications from BBE Member bands for the following purposes:

  • New music commissions, especially from new or young composers
  • Working with other art forms 
  • Working with disadvantaged groups
  • Assistance for students to help with musical education
  • Projects which will have a lasting effect on the brass band community

BBE resources

We have fundraising webinars available to watch on our Members Resource Library. One of these is the recording of our Case for Support webinar, an overview to fundraising which covers getting started and gathering information needed to inform your case for support.

We greatly recommend Awards for All if you are thinking of applying for funds for an event or project that will benefit your community. Take a look at our Jubilee webinar, it has lots of tips on making an application to the National Lottery Awards for All fund for up to £10k all year round.

Book a consultation

Our Fundraising Manager, Pamela Johnson, is a qualified arts and charity fundraiser and the perfect person to help your band navigate the complex environment of public and private funding. Why not book a half-an-hour consultation with her to talk through your ideas or get specific advice on how to generate more income.