26th August 2020
Next up in a series of online events hosted by Brass Bands England is a livestream with members of the British Army Music team. If you have ever wondered what it takes to be a musician within the British Army then tune in to this live session.
26th August 2020
Brass Bands England (BBE) has announced that Foden’s Band will represent England at the 2022 European Brass Band Championships (EBBC), scheduled to be held in Innsbruck, Austria.
21st August 2020
Brass Bands England (BBE) has released further advice for organisations considering a return to activity, in line with the most recent guidance for arts organisations issued by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
12th August 2020
Your membership with Brass Bands England includes membership with Making Music and access to all their services. This month discover their popular online system that can help you organise your group.
6th August 2020
BBE hosted an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Roundtable and now invites you to share your own experiences and personal stories.
5th August 2020
Registration closes this weekend (Sunday 9th August) for the next NYMAZ Big Brass Day youth workshop.
4th August 2020
The results of a set of investigations into the release of respiratory aerosols by brass instruments has been released by Brass Bands England (BBE) as a preprint, having been submitted for peer-review.
22nd July 2020
The National Association of Brass Band Conductors (NABBC) holds its AGM and appoints new members to the Executive.
22nd July 2020
Your membership with Brass Bands England includes membership with Making Music and access to all their resources. This month they talk about the range of digital recording and performance guidance they have created to help you.
15th July 2020
Brass Bands England (BBE) are to launch a new radio show hosted on Brass Band Radio. The programme will feature members of the BBE staff team, trustees and guests discussing everything brass banding!
13th July 2020
As banding activity continues to be limited during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Brass Bands England (BBE) is focusing efforts on supporting bands financially through this difficult time with access to new funding opportunities, and webinar support...