BandSafe is a free online self-assessment toolkit for Brass Bands. The toolkit has been designed by Brass Band musician and Safeguarding Champion Heidi Bradley and is based upon a set of standards written by the NSPCC for youth organisations. The aim of BandSafe is to support Bands in the development of policies and procedures, that are fit for purpose and in place to minimise risks to the members and integrity of the Band.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did BandSafe come about?

In 2008, a Brass Band musician called Heidi Bradley set up an informal Brass group called Rambling Brass. This organisation was composed of players from various bands who combined a passion for walking and playing to raise money for the NSPCC. As part of this work Heidi was also keen to develop a supporting structure that would help develop safer practise within Brass Bands. Through support of the NSPCC and their Safe Network programme Heidi became a Safeguarding Champion for Brass Bands. BandSafe has been adapted from a set of standards that were published by Safe Network predominantly for youth organisations. Heidi has worked with Brass Bands England to adapt these standards and make them relevant for Brass Bands. Rambling Brass have provided some funding towards helping this project come to life.

What is included in the toolkit?

The self-assessment toolkit is composed of a series of questions across four sections;

Section 1: Recruiting New Players and Allocating Roles to Volunteers.
Section 2: Safeguarding Members of the Band
Section 3: Avoiding accidents and delivering safe activities and events.
Section 4: Supporting Young People and Vulnerable Adults within your Band.

Once these questions have been answered, a personalised action plan is formed which provides advice and guidance based on your answers as well as supporting documents. The action plan can be viewed online or printed off.

Do I have to be a member of BBE to access this toolkit?

The online toolkit and all supporting documents are free to access for all brass bands regardless of their membership status to Brass Bands England. We felt that it is our duty of care not to withhold any supporting information and resources that could help protect Brass Bands and their members. There is, however, a benefit to becoming in member, in that officer support is available to support you with the actions within your plan. Brass Bands England are also currently working towards BandSafe becoming a kitemark accreditation. In order to achieve this kitemark a band would need to be a member of Brass Bands England.

How do I access the toolkit?

Visit and create a log in by providing an email address and brief details about you and your band. You will then receive an email notification with a password. Use this password to log in and then work through the series of questions across the four sections. You can then download your action plan and access the supporting resources. Your password can be changed to something more memorable through the profile section of the site.