DBS Checks

DBS Checks and Certificates

What is a DBS certificate and why might I need one?

‘DBS’ refers to the Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly known as ‘CRB’, the Criminal Records Bureau.  DBS certificates and checks have been put in place by the government to prevent unsuitable people from working/volunteering where there are children or vulnerable adults involved.

How do I obtain the forms needed for a DBS check?

The officer of the band who will be dealing with the DBS forms can request them by emailing info@bbe.org.uk with their name, address and the number of forms required.  The completed forms should be returned to BBE.

Do I need to provide evidence of ID?

Various forms of ID are needed to obtain your Enhanced DBS certificate.  However, BBE does not need to see these.  You appoint someone connected with your band to be your ‘evidence checker’.  This person checks your documents and must not be related to anyone having a form checked.

How long does it take for the forms to be processed?

This takes up to 8 weeks from receipt by BBE, but can depend on:

  • how busy the Government DBS checking service is
  • whether you complete your DBS form correctly first time
  • how complicated your form is, for example if you have many name or address changes, this might take longer

Make a note of your DBS form number so that you can check progress on the Government DBS service. 

DBS certificates are sent direct to the individual.

How much does a DBS check cost?

If you are part of a BBE member band, an individual BBE member or NABBC member, and you are applying for a DBS certificate for a volunteer, then this is completely free of charge. 

If you are applying for a DBS check for yourself or someone who is paid in your organisation, for example, a conductor, then a charge of £40 is made.   

The charge for a non-BBE member volunteer DBS check is £45 and for a non-BBE Member paid role this is £85.

What age do you need to be to apply for a DBS certificate?

The minimum age at which someone can be asked to apply for a criminal record check is 16.

How often does a DBS certificate need to be renewed?

This is for your band to decide, but we recommend every 2 years.  You can join the Update Service at the time of application, so that your certificate can be automatically renewed.  This is free for volunteers.

Where can I find more information?

Contact the BBE National Office

Visit the Government website: www.gov.uk/dbs