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Band Governance Training: Denmead Brass


Adam Denman from Denmead Brass Band took part in the Band Governance Bootcamp Training course in June 2022. 18 months on, we followed up to see the impact the training had on the organisation.

“I took part in the course because I wanted to further my understanding of the charity and not-for-profit sector, and the ‘Band Governance Bootcamp’ provided by Brass Bands England looked like the best place to start. I felt that their extensive knowledge of governance and their insight into how this can further support within a community band context could only further support our brass band.”


Impact from Project

Alex, Brass Bands England’s Membership Development Manager who delivered the course, provided clear and informative advice, whilst taking care to provide guidance which was relevant to my organisation. I have been able to implement Alex’s advice into our band’s committee meetings and demonstrate a greater understanding.

Achievements from Project

Since attending the training course my confidence and understanding of the Charity and not-for-profit sector have improved, and I can now provide greater input in our band’s journey. Through the support of BBE and its additional services, I have discussed and developed a fundraising strategy to support the future of our band!

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