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Penrith Town Band: Funding & Networking Event


Penrith Town Band agreed to host a networking event with a funding focus, in order to offer chance for bands in the Cumbria region to get together, share news and stories of successes, and hear about local and national funding opportunities from the Liaison Officer for the North, Rachel Veitch-Straw.

Eight bands attended from within a fifteen-mile radius, and heard about the benefits of Community Foundations, ways of connecting with supporters, how to benefit from personal networks, and about funding partnerships and how collaboration can help commercially and artistically.

Impact from Project

As a result of participating in the evening, Penrith Town Band’s Chair Chris and the rest of the band’s committee have begun work on several strands of a plan to bring support and expertise to the region.

Through a member’s personal network, the band have approached Brougham Hall, a fabulous venue just outside Penrith where the travelling Globe theatre and others perform every year. The hope is for new performance opportunities, collaborating with other performance artists and connecting with new audiences.

There are plans to further strengthen the relationship with the Hall via a partnership with a local charity to present “Brass at Brougham”, a summer picnic event.

The first stage of a project to bring brass expertise to musicians in the region is also underway, with Fodens’ Mark Wilkinson booked to support the band prior to the 2016 regional contest, as well as a whole weekend of training and workshops in February for both the main band and the training bands. Penrith Town band are investigating the use of digital technology to offer more learning opportunities over the next two years.

Achievements from Project

  • New artistic opportunities for bands in the Cumbrian region
  • Reaching new audiences
  • New business and artistic collaborations
  • Strengthening of the intergenerational and universal offer from the Penrith Town Bands
  • Reduction of rural isolation and raising aspirations in rural areas