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Proms in the Playground gave "incredible confidence boost" to young players


There’s less than a month to go until Proms in the Playground, the Brass Foundations led initiative, returns. From 4-22 July, Brass Bands England (BBE) is encouraging community bands to connect with their local schools and fill school playgrounds with MUSIC!

One of the bands that took part in the project last year was Kearsley Youth Brass Band, and we’re delighted to share an insight into the positive impact Proms in the Playground had for the band.


Impact from Project

Rhiannon Harrison, music tutor for KYBB, worked with our own Brass Foundations member Helen Minshall to make the project happen. Of it, she commented:

“Last summer, Kearsley Youth Brass Band was fortunate enough to partner with Brass Bands England to deliver a series of “Proms in the Playground” performances around local primary schools. The day itself was absolutely jam-packed full of music and each and every school seemed just delighted to have us there.

We toured around five primary schools in total and were blessed with glorious sunshine throughout the day. It was fascinating for us to see which pieces the children responded to most, with George Ezra’s “Shotgun” being the unrivalled champion throughout the day!

However, for us as a youth band, the greatest benefit of the day was undoubtedly the incredible confidence boost it gave to the young KYBB members who took part. Several of our youth members were able to come touring around the schools with us, as they had either finished for the year or were taking exams. Each young person said they felt more confident in their musical ability after performing for the schoolchildren, and it even helped to inspire some to look at a career in music."


Achievements from Project

On the achievements created by being a part of Proms in the Playground, Rhiannon said: "We must’ve done something right, as we have been requested by even more schools in the area this year to play – good news seems to travel fast! Kearsley Youth Brass Band would wholeheartedly recommend taking part in Proms in the Playground, as the connection you make to your local community is utterly irreplaceable!”

Get involved

There’s still time to register your band for an event. Why not offer a taster session so children can learn about the opportunities in your brass band?

If you're a school that wants to find a band in your area, or if you have any questions about Proms in The Playground please contact BBE’s Education and Development Manager Sarah Baumann on

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