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Charitable Status

What is a registered Charity? And does our Brass Band need to be one?

A charity is an organisation which:

  • Has exclusively charitable purpose (as defined by law), and
  • Exists for the public benefit (as defined by law).

A registered Charity is a charitable organisation that is registered with the Charity Commission and must conform to certain guidelines to fulfill this status.  Becoming a charity is a significant undertaking with regulatory obligations, however there are other benefits which would make formalising the charity status worthwhile.

A brass band does not need to be a registered charity.  When considering if charitable status is something your band should obtain, it is worth weighing up the pros and cons for your band.  For example, you might be able access to new funding opportunities only available to organisations with charitable status, however, if the administrative burden is greater than you could manage it would be worth considering if this is right for you.  We recommend that proper time, research and consideration is taken when making a decision about charitable status. We can provide support to members about suitability just get in touch using our Contact Us page.