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What is Funding/Fundraising and where can we find it?

All bands need an income to cover running costs.  Without the funds (money) to pay for a project, it will just remain an idea.  There are lots of charities, government departments and organisations who can offer financial support (funding) to get your idea off the ground – you just need to look.

Fundraising can be used to describe any activity that raises money for your Band; from running internal events for your band’s benefit, to making grant applications to major funding bodies for specific projects.  There are many ways of raising additional funds to support anything from new music to a new bandroom.

Brass Bands England can offer advice about fundraising and income generation.  Up-to-date documents are available for members to view/download in our members area and we also hold regional training sessions for bands where anyone can attend.  

We can also help bands by working with them directly to generate fundraising ideas and assist them with grant applications.  Just get in touch using our Contact Us page.