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You can become a member of BBE either as an organisation or as an individual

FAQs - General information

General information

Who are Brass Bands England and what do you do?

Brass Bands England (BBE) are an Arts Council England (ACE) Sector Support Organisation (SSO).  We encourage, support and promote all things Brass Bands.  Click here to see examples of how we have supported Brass Bands, and to find out how we could help to unlock the potential of your organisation!

What is a Sector Support Organisation?

Sector Support Organisations are a new category within ACE’s National Portfolio for funding.  Some of these organisations have previously been funded as National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) (like BBE) or through other Arts Council investment.

SSOs play a vital role in supporting the cultural sector, but they don’t necessarily produce or directly deliver art or culture themselves.  In BBE’s case, we offer services that support and encourage Brass Bands on a national scale.

Why should we join Brass Bands England?

BBE offers its members a wide range of benefits and services, such as:

  • Unlimited free use of our DBS checking service;
  • Specific advice and assistance tailored for Brass Bands;
  • Bandsafe; Child Performance Licensing;
  • Discounted insurance;
  • Member bands are eligible to apply to the Norman Jones Trust;
  • We advise and assist bands with external funding applications;
  • We lobby and advocate for brass band at both community and Government level.

More information about the benefits of being a BBE member and how to join can be found on our Join Us page.  Or visit the Membership FAQ for more information.

How can we recruit new members to our band?

This is one of the most commonly asked and difficult questions to answer as there are lots of ways to recruit members.  The main things to think about are – What are the strengths of your band? and What would make someone want to join? Are you a contesting band with great results, are you a great social band or do you specialise in community music and learning?  Once you have worked out your USP (Unique Selling Point) recruitment should focus on showcasing these strengths. Your membership drive might include:

  • A community performance with volunteers flyering passers-by about membership vacancies;
  • The formation of a training band to develop talent from within;
  • Opening a dialogue with local schools;
  • An online PR campaign to attract new members.

The list is endless.  For more help get in touch to talk through ideas with one of our team.