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Proms in the Playground resources

You will know by now that #PromsInThePlayground is a national, musical initiative from Brass Bands England's Brass Foundations Programme that seeks to link brass bands with their local school to provide a free, fun performance in their playground during the last three week of the summer term.

You will have arrived at this page because you have already been invited or you are already involved in planning a #PromsInThePlayground event with your local brass band. Great!

To actively support the musical learning that your school is going to experience, the Brass Bands England Brass Foundation team have created these resources to enhance and develop your pupils' understanding of what is an integral part of our country's musical landscape. - brass bands.

Resources for everyone!

Proms in the Playground Song -Resources for schools and bands will be available here soon. There will be sheet music, backing tracks and more - a way for everyone to be involved. Keep an eye out on this page for further information.

Proms in the Playground overall information pack.

Resources for bands 

If you are looking to partner with a local school here is a sample email that you could use to initiate the relationship.

Resources for schools

EYFS/Key Stage 1

#PromsInThePlayground Banner Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Bunting Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Compose a Fanfare Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Dynamics Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Make your own instrument

#PromsInThePlayground Review Activity


#PromsInThePlayground Conducting Activity

Key Stage 2

#PromsInThePlayground Banner Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Bunting Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Compose a Fanfare

#PromsInThePlayground Dimensions Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Dynamics Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Focused Listening Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Create a Graphic Score Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Research Composer Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Melody Writing Activity

#PromsInThePlayground MMC Listening Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Musical Structures Activity

#PromsInThePlayground Review Activity

We hope you enjoy the whole experience of having a Brass Band playing for you in your playground; let us know you're participating via the online form. Any questions you might still have may be answered by our FAQ. We would LOVE to see the work that your children do and hope that you will be able to share it with us by sending examples and messages about how you have used our resources, to